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Standards for L337soft OS - l337soft :: Code, code and more code ^_^

About Standards for L337soft OS

Previous Entry Standards for L337soft OS Jul. 21st, 2004 @ 08:30 pm Next Entry
We need a forum to discuss this, but as I seem to be running the L337soft Open Linux thing, so I deciding on standards and programs. This works, kinda like a RFC - please review, Nick and Matt!


[R]eview - These need to be looked at before being used
[P]reliminary - in the absence of an alternative, these are suggestions of what to use
[N]ecessary - These are so good as programs, we need them!

1. Software license - the big one! Originally I was gonna GPL everything, but after seeing too many things like http://www.cons.org/cracauer/gpl.html, I am considering a BSD style license. www.opensource.org shows just how many make their own open source license, so we could also do that.

2. Documentation license. Again, I was gonna use the GNU license, but saw that the Debian people (who rock!) said this: http://people.debian.org/~srivasta/Position_Statement.xhtml. Revision problem is a biggie, I dunno what license to use, make our own up or public domain it?

3. Standards - for browser and HTML editor. Note that LSPublish (*not* LSEdit) is our main "word equivalent". It outputs to HTML, and perhaps to same format as OpenOffice (but not as default). Therefore web standards are majorly important to the l337soft Open Linux Project. Also, I wanted to make *all* formats - sound and graphics being the main ones support a l337soft format, which is text based and verbose. Luckily, we can adopt XML and not have to worry. ^_^ XML will be used for l337soft sound and art [R]. XHTML and perhaps HTML will be formats for on web, with W3C checks and stuff. ^_^

4. License and format need to be free:
format license
SOUND ogg vorbis [N] GREEN Open Music License [N]
VIDEO vorbis has a video format [R] none [P]

* This seems to be possible - see license at http://themes.freshmeat.net/projects/gimp

Please visit:

5. External Documentation support from: www.tldp.org

6. Dictionary and Encyclopedia from www.wikipedia.com and http://dictionary.reference.com/ [R - not FOSS]

7. BlogLines and LiveJournal support?

8. ECMAscript support - http://www.el-mundo.es/internet/ecmascript.html

9. XML reader for our formats and others.

CURRENTLY, I worked out that we need alternatives in our system, and for MINOR stuff I will use GNU's fantastic good work, and for MAJOR stuff I propose:

DISTRO BASIS : Knoppix/Debian using MORPHIX to boot
DESKTOP : KDE [should we use GNOME, cos it's GNU?]
OFFICE: OpenOffice.org
WEB BROWSER: FireFox/Mozilla
VIDEO : gmplayer

Oh, and finally, gotta love this [sorry for the outside linking, and stolen bandwidth, but not many read this, so it seemed ok ^_^]:

More later ^_^. I hate giving so many details publicly when almost nothing is done, but, oh well!
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