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Bad day. - l337soft :: Code, code and more code ^_^

About Bad day.

Previous Entry Bad day. Aug. 3rd, 2004 @ 12:39 am Next Entry
Ok, first we went to Nottingham, and didn't have enough time to go to the manga stores. Then Emacs was only ~600 bytes of fitting on a floppy. Microemacs "make"-ed into French. LSe didn't work. www.megagear.com doesn't ship outside the US.

I was beyond annoyed. Then LSGE started working. I realised I needed to switch to Open GL and so I wrote a bit and sent the code to Ed. Then it hit me.

Hey! We have only done sucessful stuff when we used the open source model. When we shared skills and sent code to each other to debug. (ok, so Matt gets most of the debugging ^_^). Open Source works.

Along with a few other problems I think I have solved and need to code, I now need to work out a way to share this code better. CVS isn't working for me. l337soft's gonna work. And I even decided what small things (but very important) to code on holiday.
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